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English Basic 2

February 26 2013.

The Doctor.

To film "The Doctor" tells the story of a renowned and successful cardiovascular surgeon shown with a certain callousness in treating their patients. This doctor, convinced of the need to distance themselves emotionally from their patients, treating them as objects over like a piece of meat, whose function lies in direct contact with the disease, not the patient. In addition, continuous behind their jokes to their cases, has great moral deficit, cowardice, arrogance, superiority and belief to a lack of appreciation for life. Suddenly his erroneous course perspective, begins to change when receiving the news that you have cancer of the larynx. For the first time in his life he is forced to feel what I feel all patients, the surgeon is then a patient instead of a doctor, and learn firsthand about the long in the waiting room, the indignity of filling out forms continuously humiliating exams and callous attitude of the professional medical community.

After countless situations and restored after your health, Dr. Mackee was determined to practice from a different perspective, taking into account the importance of feelings and communication in the doctor-patient relationship that is familiar had deteriorated, and the importance of accurate physician performance, reliable and responsible, not only practiced it with their patients but with their residents. In this film stand many situations that have to do with ethics. It shows us openly, from doctor-patient treatment, the feel of both, until the legal issues are involved in the practice of clinical professions, specifically the practice of medicine. In clinical practice this prestigious surgeon, you can see different situations in which medical ethics is implicated. Dr. Mackee pretends not to know the communication skills. Having spent his entire career perfecting his profession, has lost feeling in his actions, and learned to concentrate solely on the job. According Duty and deliberation, a professional is a possessor of expertise, of which society is increasingly dependent, and requiring them to be men and women of high moral standing. Joining a profession includes establishing an ethical commitment. It is also necessary that the professional is a virtuous person, very important aspect as the virtuosity helps to properly protect the person who acquire their services. Can not forget that in the hands of these professionals, is the health and life of humans, so patients place their trust in the doctor, who is presented as someone who is

trained to serve you and help you overcome the disease situation. After mentioned this, it should be emphasized that Dr. Mackee kept dehumanized treatment with their patients. He had no empathy with them because they did not understand the pain, vulnerability, inferiority that brings the disease, and even made fun of depression and suicide. This was observed at the time that a patient recently operated breast, you will be asked whether staple items in the chest, and he replies: "her husband will like being married to a girl of" Playboy "chest staples prove it. " This comment can be considered as one somewhat sexist, tacky and out of place, since the patient is showing susceptibility and feelings of inferiority, and instead of encouraging her doctor and explain your situation carefully, only left with the doubt and perhaps with a great sense of ridicule. Additional to this case include the scene in which he recommended a new "tactic" of hurting the man who had been thrown from the fifth floor. Maybe the doctor did not comment with a look of mock or to do harm, but failed to consider the susceptibility and vulnerability that patients feel at that moment, and that instead of contributing to an improvement contributes to the further increase those normally prevailing sentiments in a sick patient. Duty and deliberation, also

poses, the doctor-patient relationship is an asymmetrical power relationship, where the former has a large capacity determination about what will happen to the second, and up to the person who is ahead, that is, the doctor , adopt an attitude that reduces this asymmetry. Putting in place the patient is the first major step to reduce this asymmetry, which goes beyond the experience and knowledge.

n medical ethics, is included always speak the truth to their patients, and not hide anything


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