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The girls with long brown curly hair walked through the cafeteria trying to find the boy

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The girls with long brown curly hair walked through the cafeteria trying to find the boy. While she was walking the only thing that he can hear was the sound of some high heels shoes. The steps were fast but with compass. Finally she arrived to his table, touched his shoulder. He turned his head around and saw her after 10 months of knowing anything about her. He stood up, looked at her and she suddenly slapped him really hard. Everybody stayed quite. There was an absolute silence in the room.

She just started to walk. He froze and the moment he saw her walking out he started to run after her. He was a tall guy, with short black hair, many girls were trying to call his attention because besides his attractiveness, he was a really good artist.

Finally, he caught her in the door, took her by the arm and asked her:

“Are you crazy or what is going on?”

She answered with loud voice:

“Why were you girl’s portraits in your studio?”

He widely open his eyes and answered:

“First, you and I are not longer together. Second, they are my classmates and we were doing a job for our workshop class. Third, I don’t have anything to talk about with you. Since we are not together I feel better and calm, and I want to keep it like that.”

She freaked out, started to touch her hair in a strange way, her sight was lost and took a knife out of her purse. She threatened him to hurt herself if he didn’t listen to her. He agreed to talked to her but away from the school. He convinced her to walked to the park in the sea front. When they arrived, they sat down on a bench facing the sea. Even the atmosphere was covered by a thin fog, they couldn’t even see he horizon, but for her the moment was almost perfect because she was with the one she considered the love of her life.

They were sat next to each other when they both read in a paving stone: “Love is eternal while it lasts”. They looked at each other for some seconds without saying a word.

She opened her purse, he felt afraid thinking that she was going to take out he knife again, but she took out a cigarette, lighted on and started to smoke while crossing her legs.

He started the conversation asking her about her treatment in the mental clinic. It was obvious that she felt uncomfortable with the question. She was looking around, everywhere... anywhere, moving her hands nervously.

She said:

“You know how was it, how much I suffered in there because of you, and now you ask me how was it?”

She blamed him for spent that much time in such a place, alone, sad, deprived of everything, even talk to her family and friends, because of him, everybody thought that she was a dangerous person and nobody wanted to be near her.

He got mad, stood up and started to yell at her, remembering all the damage she caused, not only to him, to his friends, and to his family. He told her:

“Because of you, I lost many friends.”

“Because of you, I had huge problems with my family, the didn’t talk to me for months, and now I’m working on getting back their confidence.”

He was that desperate that he kicked the bench saying:

“I lost 2 years of my life having a relationship with you.”

The expression of her face was of pain, sadness, rancor, resentment, desperation, anybody could say that she was about to have a nervous attack.

He was surprised when he saw her shedding some tears, they were trickled down her cheeks.

She stood up and said:

“I am sorry for what I did earlier, I thought that you weren’t going to listen to me if asked you to. I was afraid of your rejection”

She started to wiped out the tears from her face with her hands, trying to stop her desire of keep crying and her


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