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The not so wonderful world of Eurodisney

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1. - Not to investigate the culture

- High prices

- There was no breakfast

- Hotels expensive

- Advertising mismatch

- Restrictions on food and alcoholic beverages

- Disney wanted to impose their culture with French culture.

- Erroneous assumptions

2. they could have researched the culture and see that the French have a different perspective than what Disney thought. His big mistake was thinking that everything would work out as it came out in Tokyo and trying to impose a culture that was alien to the French.

3. Ethnocentrism was the main character in the development of Euro Disney, the owners saw it all from your personal and cultural experience and felt that France was equal to them in various aspects

4. Disney handled marketing is very good for your country USA but did not have a good marketing when entering the park in other countries and cultures. Lacking research and market analysis.

5.a. Do you think the success in Tokyo predisposed Disney management to be too optimistic in their expectations of success in France? Discuss.

• The Japanese population is composed of a large number of people, mainly young people. Japanese culture is influenced by American culture because it increased trade from the postwar era. In the 80's, Japan bought American culture in all its forms.

• Success in Japan was so overwhelming, they thought that managing in Japan was the same q manage in France. Disney was blinded to the consequences of their actions.

5.b. Do you think the new theme park that have encountered the same problems if a place in Spain had been selected? Discuss.

• The launch of EuroDisney in Spain would have met with less criticism. Unlike the central and eastern Europe, Southerners receive foreign culture more warmth.

• Disneyland is built to serve all of Europe not only to Spain. Because Disney is in it for the long term, there is no room for miscalculation

• The success of Disney theme park to market its international forces them not to overemphasize the importance of understanding a foreign culture.

• A theme park in Spain and elsewhere in Europe would face a variable proportion, legal restrictions, political risk, cultural conflict, and economic disruption

• The local Spanish market is so fruitful in terms of the total population density and purchasing power as its French counterpart.

6. Disney is considering expansion to other places ... choose three areas and choose the one you think will be the best new location for Disneyland X.

• China as an emerging market seems almost like an obvious choice. The town offers the market large enough to generate


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