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Actividad De Organizacion Y Jerarquizacion Biologia Etapa 4 En Ingles

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Minerals and the rich portion of nutrients of soil are called higher layer or humus. A good high layer absorbs and maintains the humidity at time it lets the water go away. Is so rich in organic matter and nutrients, but low in salts. The good high layers are the result of the long term interactions between the soil and the plants growth on it.

A healthy soil can be formed in centuries but it loses so pretty quickly and the fertile soil leak has serious consequences.

The erosion is the removal of soil by water or wind. Also it gets worst if there are no plants. Erosion causes the desertification as it occurred in the Great Plains during 30s. Almost the 40% of total soil in Earth is in risk of desertification. This process makes the organic matter and nutrients are removed within the soil during erosion. Without nutrients there may not be plants.

Deforestation is the loss of forests and can affect the soil. The healthy forests provide us wood and preserve the soil in its place. Protect the sweet water quality, absorb carbon dioxide and help to moderate the local climate. Unfortunately, more of the half of the forests in the world have been lost by deforestation.

Deforestation carries serious erosion, especially in the hillsides. Pasturage and plow after the deforestation can transform the local soil and the microclimates for the non-growth of the trees.

Humans depend on fresh water and their ecosystems for the provider of goods and services that includes drinking water, industry, transportation, energy and waste throwing.

Even though the fresh water can be considerate as a renewable resource, there are sources of water that aren’t renewable.

The fresh water sources can be affected by different types of pollution. A contaminant is a harmful material that can enter in the biosphere. Sometimes the pollutants enter in the water resources in a single source, like a factory or an oil spill. This is called a pollution by a punctual source. But also the pollutants enter in the water supplies from very little sources, like grease and oil from streets by the rain or the chemicals liberated in the air by factories and cars. Those pollutants are called not punctual sources.

The main source of pollutants of water are the industrial and agricultural chemicals, the waste water residential and not punctual sources.

Effects of the water pollutions are in the living beings, that they drink the water and can be intoxicated or in extreme cases die. We are affected by this process and we need to avoid the water pollution for our substance.

The atmosphere is a common resource that its quality affects directly to our health. Unfortunately, there are also pollutants to the atmosphere called air pollution. It is caused by a lot of things like factories and cars. When they burn combustible they liberate


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