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The Rock Road (el Camino Del Rock)

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Chronology and evolution of rock

Rock music has its roots in the era of rock and roll and rockabilly of the 1950s. In the mid 1960's, rock music combined with folk music to create folk rock , with blues to create blues rock and jazz to create jazz-rock fusion , and without a time stamp for create psychedelic rock . In the 1970s, rock incorporated influences from soul , the funk and Latin music. Also in the 1970s, rock developed a number of subgenres, such as soft rock , the hard rock , the progressive rock , the heavy metal and punk . The subgenres of rock of the 1980 include the new wave , the new romantic , the glam rock , the synth-rock , the hardcore punk , alternative rock , Christian rock , the Christian metal , the metal thrash , and speed metal . The subgenres of rock of the 1990 include the grunge rock , the Britpop , the indie rock , the rock piano . Here are some of the most important moments in the evolution of the genre in chronological order:


 Chuck Berry , Bo Diddley and Little Richard , the rock essentially "black." 50 Years

 Bill Haley , Gene Vincent , Vince Taylor , Eddie Cochran , Jerry Lee Lewis and Roy Orbison very popular successes, bringing the rock and roll to the white population. 50 Years

 Appearance of Elvis Presley , popularization of large-scale rock. 50 Years

 " The day the music died . " Buddy Holly , Ritchie Valens and Big Bopper die in plane crash. Years later, Don McLean would this theme in his song "American Pie . " 50's .

 Throughout the 50's are grown Surf rock and rock instrumental, which would continue throughout the first 60 with groups like The Shadows . 50's , early 60's .

 Phil Spector revolutionizes the way to record music with his "Wall of Sound" and became the model for music producers of the 60. Birth of the soulthrough the unholy mix of gospel and rhythm and blues driven by Ray Charles and Sam Cooke , a style that in its development was successfully promoted by the labels Stax and Motown . Late 50's , early 60's .

Years 1960, British Invasion and Beatlemania

 Arise Beatles and the so-called British Invasion Rolling Stones , The Kinks , Small Faces , The Who , The Yardbirds , The Animals . Birth of themod movement led by several of these groups. Early and mid 60's .

 In the United States initiated the so-called "surf rock" genre of which are the Beach Boys its greatest exponents, with catchy melodies and lyrics that spoke of the beach lifestyle and carefree youth accommodated.

 Bob Dylan uses the electric guitar based songs with folk , creating a folk rock . I would Byrds , Simon and Garfunkel or Crosby, Stills and Nash .Mid 60's .

 The psychedelic rock was born in California with the Grateful Dead , Jefferson Airplane , The Doors , Love and Iron Butterfly or pop rock influenced by the hippie of The Mamas and The Papas and Association . In the United Kingdom is taken up by groups of British Invasion , led by the Beatlesand Revolver , his Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Magical Mystery Tour (among others). The Rolling Stones with Their Satanic Majesties Request , other bands also very innovative arise as Pink Floyd , Traffic , Jethro Tull or Soft Machine later would lead to symphonic rock . He popularized the use of synthesizer Moog , the Mellotron and the Sitar . Mid to late 60's .

 In many of these groups would be a strong tendency patent blues rock , which would be great exponents like Janis Joplin and her band Big Brother & The Holding Company, as well as bands like Canned Heat . Mid to late 60's .

 Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton with Cream revolutionize the way you play the electric guitar. Mid to late 60's

 Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention would be an early sign of progressive rock and symphonic most unclassifiable and iconoclastic, where they were Edgar Varese and Stravinsky , the comedy , rock, and references counterculture . Mid to late 60's .

Year 1970

 Black Sabbath , Led Zeppelin , Queen , Deep Purple , Blue Cheer , begin to combine elements of other genres and lay the roots of what would be another genre, heavy metal in the mid 60's and early 70's .

 With the album Paranoid Black Sabbath is taken for granted the creation of heavy metal.

 With the Tour Rolling Stones American Tour 1972 is taken for granted the phrase "Drugs, Sex and Rock and Roll"

 Paul Rodgers jump to fame with Free , mainly through the theme "All right now," the late '60s and early '70s , then formed Bad Company . The Faces , with Rod Stewart at the helm, would another exponent of the classic rock crudity, halfway between the blues rock and hard rock .

 The band Queen rose to fame with a mixture of hard rock , progressive rock , heavy metal , glam rock and rock opera . Early 70. It is also believed that the single Stone Cold Crazy was the first song of Thrash metal .

 Stooges , New York Dolls and MC5 , and later The Runaways , beginning of proto punk . Last 60's and 70's .

 Born funk rhythmic innovations from the soul the likes of James Brown as head, The Meters in New Orleans and other artists like Sly & The Family Stone , Kool & The Gang and George Clinton bringing different perspectives to the genre. They along with Marvin Gaye ,Isaac Hayes and Curtis Mayfield would lead the movement blaxploitation and would be essential for the subsequent development ofdisco and hip hop . First half of the 70's.

 Jethro Tull , Pink Floyd , Genesis stage Peter Gabriel , Yes , Rush and King Crimson : The progressive rock and jazz rock . Pink Floydthrow Dark Side of the Moon , which became the most successful album of the genre, as parents also postulated of space rock , it would have on Hawkwind continuity. Early 70's

 Emerge the glam rock artists like T. Rex , Queen , Bowie , Roxy Music , Alice Cooper , Slade and Sweet , who joined others like Lou Reed or The Stooges . Glam updated with provocation and makeup, the coolness of rock and roll 50's versus the virtuosity of progressive rock, influencing punk and later in all the genres that were born from it at the end of the decade. First half of the 70's .

 Wave of hard rock American. Mountain and Grand Funk Railroad created a new style and are pioneers of hard rock and American heavy


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