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Case 1: Globalization at General Electric

1) Why GE has invested so aggressively in their expansion abroad? What opportunity is trying to explore?

General Electric is a conglomerate that produces many goods and services so they know about international commerce, this is the reason why their principal goal is to be on the highest places in all of their sectors. To achieve this objective the company took advantage of the bad economic moment of Europe, Mexico and Asia, to acquire companies and make more profit with international sales.

2) Why GE is trying to change some of their principal offices of their business abroad? How can this change benefit the company? Does this change benefit the United States?

These changes are made because the company wants to me near their clients, as this happens GE will have a better notion of the market and can solve problems faster, because they can form working teams that can perform better in the different countries, depending on their culture.

This does not benefit the United States because they are hiring foreign people, not American.

3) What is the objective of attempting to “internationalize” the higher management of GE? What does internationalize this levels mean?

The objective of the internationalization is to sell in the best way possible because it has the advantage of knowing the language and culture of the country.

Internationalize means that the management comes from the same country they are working on.

4) What does the example of GE say of the nature of the business that are really global?

This is a clear case that the business are globalizing, this mean that the national markets are joining in one global market, all of this thanks to the technologic development and the reduction of the barriers for traffic of goods and services.

The global business has benefits to the consumer since it’s easier to buy a product because now you can explore markets that people do not know exist that can generate competitive advantages and make new profits.


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