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A picture to remember. (Sarah Scott-Malden)

A picture to remember is the history of a woman Cristina who works in the Museo Nacional de Bellas artes in Buenos Aires Argentina,

One morning, her Boss said to her, that the Paris’s museum of art wants to exhibit some Impressionist painting at the Buenos Aires’s museum, and he names her in charge of the project. Cristina accepts very happy.

Every day, Cristina rode down Avenida del Libertador to the gym (Recoleta health club) in his motorbike, she felt very happy for her new job.

She saw two guys in a car and one of them had a gun; she saw a man with a tattoo of a red poppy in his neck and looked his brown eyes. Then he looked back.

In this moment Cristina heard the sound of the police cars. The man lifted up his gun, and Cristina felt afraid. She wanted to go quickly but she couldn’t, then a taxi hit her motorbike and she fell from the bike and her head hit the road hard.

Hours later Cristina woke up in the hospital and there were his parents and a policeman, a Doctor said: “she’s going to be OK, but now she doesn’t remember anything about the accident, it’s better if she stays here for a few days”.

A few weeks after the accident, Cristina went back to the museum and to the gym, she tells to Daniel and Florencia about her accident.

on the other side of the city, the attackers Carlos and Roberto Bocuzzi bought all the newspaper from the day of the robbery, they found a story about the woman in the motorbike and it said that the woman worked in the Museo Nacional de Bellas artes, every morning they stood outside the museum and waited, until a day, they saw Cristina. Roberto waited her and he saw Cristina leave the building at 4:30 and he followed her, and watchwd her into the gym. Roberto waited outside until Cristina leaves the gym and followed her home.

He wanted to visit the gym before he decided how to kill her.

On the other hand, Cristina was busy in the exhibition of art of Paris, she talk for telephone with Phillipe, he was the Paris’s museum Director, they talking about the travel. “I’ll see you at the airport on Wednesday” said Cristina to Phillipe.

Cristina put the phone down and looked at the picture of Monet painting she had on the wall in her office. She had the same picture in her bedroom. She often looked away from it quickly. There was something strange about the picture today.

In the afternoon, Cristina left her office a little later than usual, and Carlos Bocuzzi was still outside, and followed her, “Roberto was going to kill her the next day” he said to himself.

The next evening, Cristina was doing exercises in the gym; she remembered her picture and the red flowers made her feel afraid. Cristina had an accident in the gym, because anybody put more weight in her machines and her arm was


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