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Marketing-mix strategy

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1. Introduction

2. The environment

3. Marketing-mix strategy

• product

• price

• Place

• Promotion


Red Bull began its history in 1982 when an Austrian man named Dietrich Mateschitz discovered a drink in Thailand named KratingDaeng, which helped to avoid the jet lag caused by business travel between this country and Germany.In this momentRed Bull was born in the mind of Mateschitz.

Between 1984 and 1987, Mateschitz worked to adapt this drink to European market. Finally in 1987 introduced its version in Europe with the nameof Red Bull, like a carbonated beverage and less sweet.

Nowadays Red Bull has the half U.S.A market for energy drinks and in some countries reaches the 80%.For example in Austria.

In 1987 nobody thought that a functional drink presented in a can and sold with a high price, were to have such a success.

According to the creator, the drink has a revitalizing properties and increase the physical and mental power. This is a functional drink, not to quench thirst, which has been thought for consumption in times of high physical effort. For instance: Very long trips or in hard work days , or before an exam. Also many consumers mixed Red Bull with alcohol, and this can cause health problems.

Nowadays Red Bull is sold in 120 countries, is the number one in the world of energy drinks market. The company works with 5,600 employees in 148 countries. 4.016 million of cans are sold every year.

2-The environment

SWOT analysis


- Distrust of the effect of its ingredients.

- Price: there are brands that compete with RedBull, whose price is lower.


- Design of the can (packaging): The design of the can can differentiate it from other products (cylindrical shape and stylized).

- Pioneers in market of energy drinks.

- Market position: The brand have good defined position.

- One of his greatest strengths is the approach to the extreme athletes and to the importantsporting events.


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