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The Phanton

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My dear M Moncharmin and M Richard,

If you want to avoid War, here are my conditions:

1. Return box 5 to me immediately.

2. Christine will play the lead in tonight’s performance. (Carlotta will be ill).

3. loa Tnust g\ve A^e G'iry her job bdck.

If you do not -yrieet irry tervr\s, tonicjrft's perfonrtdnce wii1! te cursed. t?e warned.

The Phdnto"vr\

Richard poúndéo1 his l'ist on the desk.

"That's it! We shali not give in to this ridiculotis creature's deiTíaodsí"

CarioKa, too, got a note that morning - one that sent a cold shiver dow n her spine:

If jou sing dt the Operd ton>ght ^ou wi£F wish ^ou veré dedd!

The PHdntoTn

Thinking CJirtstine must be plotting to take her role for ihe rest of the season. Carlotta deeicled on a plan of her own. She asked all her fricnds lo come to the Opera that night lo cheer and appland her,so that everyone would think she was the more popular ol'lhe two performers. That night there was not an empty seat in the Opera.

Moncharmin and Richard settl.ed into box 5 to enjoy the performance. Carlotta was superb and Christine had returned to sin» in the chorus. She could see Raoul in Luis prívate box li was as cióse as she could be to him under her Angel's vvatchíul eye.

Suddenly, as Carlotta was singing the most beaulilul song in the opera, tíie scenery behind her began to rise and fall out of control, sending stágehands and scene changers running for the ropes to bring it back into place. Before they could act, a mountain of w< >od, canvas and paint smashed onto the stage.just inches from Carlotta.

The shocked singer fainted and had to be carried from the stage.Almost immediately, when ii seemed that nothing more dreadful could happen, a horrendous cracking sound was heard coming from the highest point in the auditorium. Then, as all eyes looked up to the ceiling, the thousand glistening lights of the great crystal chandelier crashed down into the audience, plunging the Opera into near darkness!

Everyone flew into a panic and the pólice arrived, searching everywhere for the managers.At the same time, a dark cloaked figure holding a fragüe young form swept aeross the stage on a rope and disappeared into the wings.

"The Phantom!"

Moncharmin and Richard were beside themselves with fear and frustration. Not only were they Frightened into giving Mme Giry back her job that very night, they also stopped laughing at the Phantom.

Christine did not struggle when she real ¡sed who had snatched her from the darkened stage.


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