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Analysis Starnes Brenner Machine Toll Company: Bribe Or Not To Bribe

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Analysis Starnes Brenner Machine Toll Company: bribe or not to bribe

1) Is it ethical what Frank made? Ethical according to whom, Latin Americans or Americans?

Frank decided to bribe to increase the sales. Being based in that all sides are bribed. It rests on the phrase "When in Rome, do as the Romans". However, his follower Bill thinks it's unethical conduct.

It is true that is unethical conduct. It depends on your ethical values comprising the region.

2) Identify the types of payments that were made, if they are lubrication, extortion or bribery?

In both cases, the types of payments are treated as a bribe. Because, bribery is defined as someone with corrupt money, gifts or some kind of favor, in order to get something for that person.

3) Frank said there are similarities between what I was doing and what is happening in America. Is there a difference? Explain

The similarity to which Frank refers is when big dinners and parties are realized, where they have as aim to close different treatments, Frank says that they pay the bill, and makes it feel like a bribe. This is what is not in the U.S. compared with what happens in Latin America. They are usual in Latin America, in the business dinners; bribes are large amounts of money.

4) Are there any legal differences between the money paid to workers in the dock and the money given to the boss? Is there an ethical difference?

Yes, there are differences between the two cases. Chief bribe is unethical way of making business to increase and this effort is not made by the company, instead giving money to the workers, is a means of motivation to increase their efficiency and thereby help the company. Within ethical codes, here is a way to encourage but it still being a bribe.

5) Frank's attitude seems to imply that a foreigner has to comply with all local customs, but some would say that some of the contributions made by U.S. companies were changing local styles of doing business. Who is right?

U.S. companies are trying to establish a new business system, without bribery and honest practices, regardless of whether the country you're working with is illegal and working methods involve the use of bribes and are seen as normal.

6) Frank's attitude would have been different if it were not a contract with the Government?

Frank's attitude must always be with ethical codes continue talking with the government to get what they wanted but this not means a bribe, instead negotiating.

7) If Frank had not paid the bribe,


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