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Estrategias Pedagogicas Para Enseñar Valores

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Pedagogical strategies for teaching values





KEY WORDS strategies, values, students,


ABSTRACT: The present articles pretends to show some strategies to implement in the class room to teach values that can help students to develop a better point of view about life, and help them to improve and give the best of themselves, for assisting to build a society in which should prevail tolerance, respect, self-love and an education that helps people to survive in an environment who is sodden by technology, science and different points of views.

in our days we are living in a society who is focused on globalization and all those new things that it bring us, technology, science, international integration, interchanges of world views, ideas, and another aspects of culture have made us to forget the real sense of values and they have been adapted in different ideological position; as teachers we have the endless task to work for teaching and designing strategies to carry out the purpose of educations mold human beings in knowledge and values for learning to coexist in society.

Education is simply the

soul of a society as it passes from

one generation to another.

G. K. Chesterson

Some authors argued that a value is the product ofreason and they are found in thoughts and minds where they are learnt and get a meaning. So for Aristotle (Magna Moralia; ed. de Franz Dirlmeier (1904 - 1977)) who said that moral behavior is not only knowledge but that is to say that we must learn and apply values, people become just practicing just act, making moderate act. We can contribute to help students to learn values, its purpose and how they can support them to make or do good things not just for themselves but for the other ones, at the same time as teachers can assist them to be autonomous, with a high self Steen, and the capacity to select what things are good or bag for them.

All education process has a purpose and goal it may follow some steps to help to birth those objectives. In education and values the fundamental steps to teach values are: Suarez Diaz, 2005 (pag, 2y3)

1. Knowledge, identification and recognition of what is a value. Being aware about the importance of having good values to support the world in which we are living, whit these first step, students can help to know what is their attitude, commitments and purposes in their lives.

2. Clarification of values: reflection and analysis about what is believed valuable.

3. Incorporation of values: in this part student does not have a simple thought about a value but s/he keep on mind a arguments to support her/his thoughts.

4. Scale of values: the importance of a value depends student’s point of view and keeping on mind that he/she is organizing their lives.

5. Assimilation of values: in this part student is going to confront his/her personal life according his/her believes and values and it must have coherence with her/his thoughts.

6. Values’ confrontation: compare her/his values with the other ones and open new perspectives, enrich and enlarge group’s point of view about values.

7. Engagement with values: to have a behavior that helps to till an environment with meaning and importance.

Class room and values

Family is considered the first one author of children’s moral education


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