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For what I understand the book is that it tells a story where we are already in a very advanced world where God is Henry Ford. It begins when a group of guys going to visit a factory type embryos in which they human beings and living beings, we are explaining to them as he began to do to achieve this project.

The eggs and sperm go through several machines which without a female (breast) begin to develop lifestyle from fertilization of the egg to embryo collection. The eggs already fertilized, they are given an electric shock which makes egg cells divide to achieve so get several pairs of twin embryos which would all but because they can be male, female or neutral (but being scientists themselves neutral in history decide that sex will become the embryo.

This process takes several years to reach the embryo achieves that in humans takes about 5 or 6 years for the remaining embryos as a baby and embryos Elephants takes 10 years for the offspring to develop and each anymal has time limit for this process can be achieved.

There are also variations in human embryos, by saying them children Alfas are more workers because they are more intelligent than other types of children, then this branch follows the Beta which are less intelligent than the first, but these latter are much better Gammas and Deltas that since they are a little silly and crazier than the first two and the end are Epsilons which are few dwarfs that are very ugly and very stupid and thus give them more work force or where you do not need to do almost anything.

Over the laboratories are watching these kids are educated to different children, some treat them like animals, others treat them as if they were kings. They were taught as a child slept eg Deltas had to sleep with red light for photographs used in past years. Other children had an hour where the nannies grabbed and made noise to which children were used to it and for some time to calm down the baby sitters for them to sleep peacefully again.

The boys were students taking notes of everything that made them interesting and besides what the director of the laboratories had told them to aim. Scientists from there they were presenting each of the forms of his research on this asexual reproduction. After a moment the boys took to the field of educational and games for all children of different species so to say, all were engaged in sexual games and lusty as it were, the director of genetic laboratories was explaining that before single men and women had relationships after 20 years and that was a waste of time so far with this project from the taught children enjoy the pleasures of sex from boys were so reap the pleasures and ivan to wasted no time in his life.

Upon all these games children played a nanny lustful way with a child and a girl crying. The babysitter told the director of the laboratory that the child was crying because the boy did not want to play these games with the child (for them this was an abnormality) then the director ordered the nanny to take this child to make him studies misbehavior as they already sent the girl otravez with other children which quickly grab your partner to continue practicing these games.

After that a buzzer sounded indicating the change of nannies, and taxes to enter the second round, almost all of them were the same except that all differed in their character and their ways apart by name.

The director's take the next laboratory which was the one for the drug that they called sum, which was much more powerful than the previous which was legal and which to those who take the drug to feel more cheerful and never feel angry or upset about x situation. Usually all taking this drug because almost everyone was in a good mood all the time. He was also forbidden for a boy or girl will last more than a week of dating or dating before thirty-five or forty as they had been taught to all embryos that had to come out with a different person in each party, event or output, to seize all his life and so not only stay with a man or a woman as young as instructors for this is a waste of time and they want to enjoy life to the fullest. It was also very difficult for people to nurse because everyone was patented for any disease and not to any harm.

It tells a story of a nanny which is called Lenina which then goes to a guy and now leads the four months, which her friend wants to correct because the way that they are all so Bernard invites him out both for a weekend to have an adventure and Lenina loses his four-month relationship. They both go to a place called Book who lives pure arguably poor people with a different civilization than all the embryos.

But before that Bernard was beginning to realize that they lack all that change, that not all are the same or are twins of different species, seeks to be different than all embryos, but this one I think of when no Drug test sum.

The Reserve Lenina and Bernard begin to change their attitude because they see that the people of this area, all different and they tambein have that zest for life that embryos, only that embryos are more technological and the people there arguably are more living things. They begin to see that they have different customs, religions, ways of thinking and different ways of living.

This book is also known as Brave New World, which in our language means: Brave New World, and the truth is that brave is the right word to define utopia, that perfect world in which we have all dreamed of , or tell me you've never imagined one, world where no one is ill, which are not your "annoying" parents to correct you, in which sex is but a natural thing and free on anyone will tell you that is wrong, and above all, a world where everyone is happy ... Sounds tempting, is the work of the devil!, Maybe, but that perfect utopia does not


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