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3-d Printers

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3-D Printers – target market

Activity suitable for internationalization

The activity carried out by our company is suitable for internationalization because it is a product of the great scientific and technological innovation with great potential for expansion and growth in sales.

The business consists mainly supported the creation and distribution of 3-D printers at small businesses and freelancers, our product is to be accessible to such consumers as we focus on that market at first.

Over time we will see as our business develops and therefore our growth potential.

Our product is applicable to a large number of diverse fields such as the jewelry, industrial design, engineering, construction, etc.

High technology products / niche markets

Our company is focused on creating a high- tech and innovative with respect to other similar products because we will focus on bringing this technology to a specific market sector.

As we said our market niche is focused on small businesses and freelancers because we perform a specific activity.

- Biotechnologies

The 3D printing technology is currently being studied in the field of biotechnology, both academic and commercial, for possible use in tissue engineering, where organs and body parts are built using similar techniques to Inkjet conventional printing. Living cell layers are deposited on a gel medium and superposed on each other to form three-dimensional structures.

Some terms have been used to refer to this field of research, such as organ printing, bio - printing and tissue engineering computer- assisted, among others.

By the time our company will not have relation to the field of biotechnology as we focus on addressing other needs.


As ICT we can not highlight anything of importance in this field and our only goal is to facilitate the work of others.

- Microelectronics

This technology is trying to integrate this sector of the 3-D printers but we do not work with them because we will not be necessary in any business processes to achieve our goal.

Besides the use of this technology would suppose a much higher cost for our company, which we try to minimize exhaustive way as it is a sign of our identity.

- Automatics and robotic equipment

We do not produce large-scale chain but in the future if we continue to grow this would be one of the technologies necessary for the operation of the company.

We only have enough machinery and tools for creating printers via workers.

- New materials

Printers that make our company consist of simply obtaining basic materials such as:

. Different types of plastic

. Aluminum

Trying this way it becomes more quality and aesthetics of the public face.

As the materials you need to create printer objects thermoplastics were used since these printers work on a small scale and low cost.

- Alternative energy sources

The company is fed mainly by the energy produced by power stations but also as we are for the energy saving and the use of clean energy have installed solar panels to reduce electric costs and also contribute to the use of clean energy.

For the rest of the company uses energies, we use natural gas for the operation of the heaters.

- Health and environment protection

In our company we are conscious about the environment so we always try to recycle properly.

We always try to cause the least possible amount of reducing any pollution emission and using materials that do not harm the environment.

We always follow the environmental standards of companies.

Attractive market

The new printer market 3-D shows great appeal since the creation of this course to a major technological step, so much so you could say that is one of the inventions of the century.

So the market for these products offers a lot of possibilities of all types and for all.

- Size of the market

The printer market 3-D still is not a big extension because it is a relatively new product.

Inside the printer market can be differentiated across sectors because printers can be very different depending on their use, purpose, quality, price , size, etc.

In our case the company is focused on the market for 3-D printers low cost because it is a product that would be around 800 euros, when normally tend to be much more expensive, therefore we have focused on minimizing production costs up to a cost price of around 650 euros.

This is because we focus on a particular sector of consumers of this product:

. Small Business

. Freelancers

.Nonprofessionals consumers

- Sectors Age

The age of this sector as we have said is very young since it is a relatively recent invention and it takes a few years in the market and usually pretty exclusively (Due to factors such as price or quantity).

Strategic issues


The mission in this company is quite clear, you want to meet the needs of customers on technological issues , providing them a good product and quite unique at the present time for a small fee and with great variety of purposes .

As a company with little history (1 year ) and growing the main objectives of this are based on profit for the investment return and continue to grow steadily.



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