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The standards of discharge in my educational practice have as intention accompany in a process of reflection and self-evaluation, with base in (relating) common elements on some central matters of my practice. Some of the aims that I raise are to motivate the individual and collective processes of reflection and evaluation and to identify real and common needs of my formation and especially, to establish PROCESSES OF CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT of my educational practice.

We know that the educational profession implies a wide range of actions, in diverse areas and with different degrees of responsibility; nevertheless, it is possible to find a series of common features according to my perspective, which they constitute and distinguish to the educational profession of other professions. To these features or common actions(shares) that constitute the educational practice, we name them " standards of educational discharge in the classroom " in this case I will speak on my educational discharge in my practices.

During the educational practice the teachers we face a series of challenges and problematic that in occasions are originated by the school context, from the school, the student body and up to the whole personnel that works in the institution.

There are many situations that can concern and simultaneously benefit the pupils and the teachers always and when they can handle and use them.

Though, clear it is that the principal function of the schools and I it is like an educational future to prepare the pupils with skills and attitudes that they could use and apply in his(her,your) daily life, front the society to which goes away to face.

The reflection of our practice is very similar to put opposite to a mirror, since we will be capable of observing which is our image, which is our way of working, which are the riddles of the practice and up to identifying the challenges of the same one, but unlike the mirror, by means of the reflection we will be capable of changing the reflex up to improving it, to obtain ideal results. If, the reflection of the educational practice in my point of view us allows us to realize that we are doing evil and to improve it and hereby to give solution to the problematic ones presented in the classroom.

Nevertheless the reflexive action is not learned in the normal one, according to Dewey, is the conjunction of 3 attitudes to knowing: opened mind, responsibility and honesty, which will allow the teachers, to give attention to different alternatives, to think other positions of thought, inclusive to recognize the possibility of being mistaken and ready to change; likewise the reflexive teachers, consider each of the consequences of the actions, question on his acts, and examine constant on the own suppositions and beliefs.

In my point of view the reflection frees us of the merely impulsive and routine activity, it allows us to direct our actions with forecast and to glide in agreement with the goals that we want to reach, taking in consideration of the intentions of which we are conscious. It allows us to know that we want to manage when we act.

The didactic material is that one that assembles means and resources that facilitate the education and the learning. There is in the habit of being in use inside the educational environment for being facilitated the acquisition of concepts, skills, attitudes and skills.

To be able to realize the material of my classes,


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